• Printers are available on the main floor and in the children’s floor.
  • Black & white printing costs $.10 per 8.5x11" page.
  • Color printing costs $.25 per 8.5x11" page.
  • To pay for printing, customers can put money on their library card. Cash or check is accepted at the circulation desk, no credit cards are accepted at this time.
  • No wireless printing is available at this time.


  • Copiers are available on all three floors of the Library.
  • Black & white copies cost $.10 per 8.5x11" page.
  • Color copies cost $.25 per 8.5x11" page.


  • Faxing is available in the lobby area.
  • Customers can send a fax for $.75 per page, with a $.25 connection fee. To send one page is $1.00, to send two pages is a $1.75, to send three pages is $2.50, etc.
  • To receive a fax is $.25 per page.
  • Our fax number is: 330-745-8261


  • Customers can scan a document to an email address on the Children’s Department scanner for free.