Schedule a Local History Program

Schedule a Local History Program  

To request a program presented by the Local History Librarian at your next club meeting or event, contact Sarah Hays at or call 330-745-1194 x 1439. Programs range from 20-45 minutes and can be tailored to fit the needs of your group and the time allotted. Programs are free of charge, but must be scheduled one month or more in advance.  

Anna Dean Farm and Mansion
History of the 3,500 acre farm and opulent mansion built by town founder Ohio C. Barber. Program includes photographs of the farm buildings and the interior of the mansion that stood in
Barberton until 1965.

O.C. Barber Mansion
A look at O.C. Barber's lavish 50,000 square foot mansion that once stood overlooking Barberton. Program includes photographs and information about the mansion from the time of its construction to its demolition in 1965

Barberton Memories
Take a walk down memory lane and remember Barberton during these very monumental decades
     Barberton Memories: The 1950s
     Barberton Memories: The 1960s
     Barberton Memories: The 1970s

Barberton's Railroad Era
History of the impact of railroads in
Ohio and the importance of this transportation network to the success of Barberton. Program includes photographs and information from the first arrival of railroads to the area to the eventual removal of many of the tracks throughout the city and surrounding area.

Barberton Churches
A look at the historic churches of Barberton from the time before the city's founding to present day. Program includes photographs and postcards of the churches, as well as historical information about more than 25 Barberton congregations.

Barberton Industry
The history of some of Barberton's most notable industries and the way in which these companies helped shape the Magic City.

Barberton Business: The Early Years
The story of Barberton's early businesses and the entrepreneurs who helped shape the first 25 years of the city's history.

Chief Hopocan and the Ohio Tribes
Presentation on
Ohio's Native American heritage and the tribes that once populated the region. Includes information about the life of Chief Hopocan and the Delaware people who settled in the area that became New Portage, the north end of present day Barberton.

Barberton's Melting Pot
A look at Barberton's ethnic diversity from 1891 to present, with particular emphasis on Eastern European immigrants to the Magic City.

The Underground Railroad in Ohio
Program on Ohio as a key passage state of the Underground Railroad and the role of the state in thousands of runaway slaves reaching freedom. Also includes information about some of the state's most influential abolitionists.

Influenza Epidemic of 1918
An overview of the deadly outbreak of influenza that left millions dead worldwide and caused panic throughout the nation. Presentation includes detailed information about the disease's impact on

Fighting Fire in the Magic City
The history of the Barberton Fire Department from the founding of the city to modern day, including a look at the fires and explosions that threatened the Magic City over the years.

Fighting Crime in the Magic City
A look at crime fighting in Barberton from a time when one constable walked the village beat to our modern day police force. This program includes the stories of some of the more notable nonviolent crimes to capture the city's attention over the years.

What's in a Name?

The stories behind some of Barberton's notable place names.

World War II on the Barberton Home Front
A look at life in Barberton during World War II. This program tells of the changes the city endured during the War, and the role industries, Rosies, victory gardens and other local civil defense initiatives played in the war effort at home.