School-Age Children Information and Resources

Looking for information about the programs and resources available at the Barberton Public Library for children 5- 12 years old? Look no farther!Read, Book, Students, Study Of, The Classroom, Cute

School-Age Programs- Look at the upcoming programming designed for children 5- 12 years old

Homework Databases- Need help completing homework or a research project? These databases can help!

Teacher and Home Educators- Resources for people working with children

Three for Me Library Card- Information about getting a Three for Me Library Card

Book Lists- Looking for books on a particular topic? Check here to see if a list has already been created to save you time!

Bestsellers Club- Sign up for the Bestsellers Club for kids and the children's librarians will put popular titles on hold for you!

Miss Alison's Pick of the Month- Find out what book Miss Alison is recommending this month