Support the Library

purple heart with "love my Barberton library". Rest of banner reads Support the Library
Your library is at the heart of downtown, looking over beautiful Lake Anna. The Library is also the heart of the community, assisting our residents in their search for knowledge, culture, entertainment and communication resources. Your loyalty and support allows us to continue providing free and accessible resources, materials and programming. 

Share your Library story!
The best way to advocate for something you believe in is to share what it means to you. Everyone has a story worth telling about your local library. Tell us why you love Barberton Public Library.  What difference does it make in your life and family? What would you do if it weren’t there? Think about sharing your favorite memories of the Library. What is your earliest memory of the Library? What is your favorite book in the collection?

Then, give us permission to use your story and first name/last initial.  By doing that, we can re-tell, re-tweet, re-post, and relay your important words to decision makers and remind the public of the importance of public libraries.  Simply type “Share my Library Story” in the subject line, and email your story to We can’t wait to hear from you!
Be a Library Advocate
Talk, talk, talk about your Library experiences with neighbors, family, friends, colleagues, congregation members, and others. Ask them about their Library stories, and encourage them to share those stories with us. These are powerful stories that help us connect the power of libraries to lawmakers and policy makers.

Use the Library!  If you have not been inside the Barberton Public Library lately, please drop by soon.  Talk to the staff and see what’s new.  Check out materials, and see what piques your interests.  Spend a little time online – has more resources than you can imagine!  Want to fix a car, learn how to knit, write that research paper, or search your family’s genealogy?  That’s just the surface of what is available online.