Enchanted Times June, July, August 2023

On April 26, Director, Ann, traveled to Columbus for the Ohio Library Council’s Library Legislative Day. She joined public library supporters from across the state to advocate for library funding and discuss the life-changing work of libraries. Ann met with [insert legislator(s)] to discuss how the library is helping the Barberton community with services and programs such as job search assistance, early literacy programs, online courses, passport, and notary services. “Libraries are a resource that Ohioans increasingly turn to for a wide variety of services,” said Ann. “From early literacy to workforce development, libraries provide programs and services to Ohioans of all ages, and they do so in a cost effective manner. State funding through the Public Library Fund is critically important because it remains a primary source of revenue for public libraries.” With over 7.7 million registered borrowers, Ohio’s public libraries have the highest use per capita in the nation. This success is dependent on the strong partnership between the State of Ohio and local library systems. For more information on how you can advocate for Ohio Libraries please visit ilovelibraries.org. Library Advocacy Wednesday works with Ohiomeansjobs at the Barberton Public Library. Each Wednesday check out the hottest job offers in the area and get resume assistance, job application help, and more. Todd Shaver from Ohiomeansjobs is all set up an ready to help you navigate online job forms and help you match your skills to that next level position. For more information please visit, summitomj.org odd Shaver and Mayor Judge fist bump at the Library. Ann poses for a photo op in Columbus on Legislative Day, April 26 ,2023