Members of the Board of Trustees

Barberton Public Library Board of TrusteesThe Barberton Public Library is a separate political subdivision of the State of Ohio. It is not part of city or county government. The service area is the Barberton City School District and the Library’s taxing authority is the Barberton Board of Education, which authorizes ballot issues to be placed before the voters on behalf of the Library.
The Barberton Public Library has a seven-member Board of Trustees which is the governing body authorized by the State of Ohio to establish policies and develop our annual budget. Board members represent the citizens’ interest while promoting the highest level of library service appropriate to the community, in accordance with state law.  Members of the Library Board of Trustees are appointed for seven-year terms by the Barberton Board of Education. Library Trustees serve without remuneration.

2021 Board of Trustees                                                                                                  

Caroline Brindo, President

C. Racyne Leskanic

Terri Masich

Heather McMullen

Jennifer Doll, Vice President

Holly Miller, Secretary

Not pictured: Leon Ricks

2020 Committee Appointments
Building and Equipment
Holly R. Miller, Chair
C. Racyne Leskanic
Heather McMullen

Finance and Audit
Heather McMullen, Chair
Terri Masich
Leon Ricks
Jennifer Doll, Chair
C. Racyne Leskanic
Terri Masich
Summit County Trustees Council
Caroline Brindo, Delegate
Jennifer Doll, Alternate

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